Intersecciones 1.0

Leslie García (center), Gaspar Peralta (left) & Roberto Romero Molina (right)
Leslie García (EEG, PD & Synthesizer)
Gaspar Peralta (Prepared Piano & Synthesizer)
Roberto Romero Molina (Samplers, Field Recordings, Signal processors & SW Radio)
Gaspar's Prepared Piano

Sunday October 4th at Teatro de Casa de la Cultura, Tijuana, Mexico. Leslie García, Gaspar Peralta and Roberto Romero Molina performed collectively twice, at 1 and 2pm. To our enjoyment, it rained for the most part of the day and we could hear the rain on the roof inside the theater.

Intersecciones is a collaborative platform which procures situations of collaboration and exchange between sonic performers (from diverse backgrounds and approaches) and the spectator. As part of this process the collaborators engage and interact with the public at hand (at the end of the performance) regarding individual and collective processes of the performers as well as the listening experience from the spectator point of view.

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