LAND [2007-2008]

LAND - Intervention on seven kilometers of the border from Playas to the Tijuana airport.

brialle type code used to convert to dot system
178 points at which markers are placed to form the phrase
Markers are acrylic resin covered metal disks with information regarding the project and marker number. [6"]

178 GPS locations where markers are located

Land is a project in which an intervention to the Tijuana-San Diego border is proposed. 178 markers are placed precisely by means of GPS on both sides of the border. Together the markers form a translation by means of a code of the phrase: "This land is your land (on the US side), this land is my land" (on the México side), from the song of the same name by Woody Guthrie. This intervention is placed so that the phrase is altered by the border running through it, thus altering it and reflecting on the reality of the current situation.

Land es una intervención de la franja fronteriza Tijuana-San Diego con 178 mojoneras colocadas con precisión por medio del sistema de posicionamiento global en ambos lados de la frontera. En conjunto las mojoneras forman una frase a través de un códice que se lee: This Land Is Your Land (del lado norteamericano), This Land Is My Land (del lado mexicano) que es tomada de la canción de Woody Guthrie. En esta intervención se coloca de manera que la franja fronteriza divide la frase y en su nuevo contexto cambia el significado de inclusivo a exclusivo a modo de reflejar la situación actual.
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